Determine internal name of SharePoint Columns with GUI

You have to determine the internal name of SharePoint columns, when you want to get the values of the items programatically or develop some apps with PowerApps. If you make use of display names of columns, you might not get the values of the columns, that’s why you should use the internal name of the columns, In this article I will show you how to do it by a step-by-step description.


Browse to the list, where you want to get field internal name and open the list settings.

List settings to see internal name of SharePoint Columns

Scroll down to the SharePoint columns and click on the column, which you want to get the internal name of. In my example I want to check it for the SharePoint Column Deal Size.

Example of an SharePoint Column in library settings

After clicking on Deal Size, I am checking the URL in the adress bar. The part after Field= is the internal name for the column. In my case it is DealSize.

Internal name of an SharePoint Column

If you use special characters, you will notice, that it won’t be that easy to determine the internal name of the SharePoint columns. Let me show it to you for the column Delivery address (Customer). As you can see, it got _x0020 and some other placeholder, which are not guessable easily.

SharePoint Column Delivery address (Customer)
Internal Name of Delivery adress (Customer)

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