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Run PowerShell script | a clear tutorial made for beginners

Every journey starts with the first step. PowerShell is the langauge, when it comes to task and configuration automation. In this article I want to cover a basic: How to start a PowerShell Script.

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Multi value arrays: How to create in PowerShell really easy

Multidimensional arrays are used to describe multi value objects in Powershell. ✔️ Learn how to create multidimensional arrays.

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How to filter for PowerShell objects easily

If you are working interactively with PowerShell, It might be unhandy to define all the filtering options with Where-Object. I will show you how to filter for PowerShell objects the traditional way and doing it with Out-Gridview.

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Use credentials in PowerShell

Learn how to use credentials in PowerShell scripts and what to consider, when using Credentials in PowerShell.

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How to use LINQ in PowerShell to compare arrays

Use LINQ in PowerShell to boost your filtering and comparing operations in PowerShell. Ready-to-Use Scripts provided.