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SharePoint Site Usage: Get active Sites for last 6 months with PowerShell

When migrating our SharePoint to SharePoint Online, it can be really hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. SharePoint Site usage helps you find, what is actually used in your current farm. SharePoint farms grow by new projects and with the change of structures. If you want to have an overview, it is every time a good idea, to get rid of old stuff.

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SharePoint get all sites and subsites PowerShell script

SharePoint sites are created very fast. With a few clicks, admins and users can create dozens of sites and subsites. Since it is so easy to create sites, we as admins should have an overview, what is going on at our SharePoint environment. I wrote scripts for this purpose to get all sites and subsites of your SharePoint, so you can trim your SharePoint to your business needs. You will find a script for SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online.

Scriptining SharePoint Automations with SharePoiint PowerShell Modules and Snappins

3 of the most important SharePoint PowerShell Modules and Snappins

There are various ways to access SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server. Check out and learn what the main differences are. When to use which module / snapping, and which are the pros and cons from my point of view. You will also see, what you can change with each SharePoint PowerShell Module.


Determine internal name of SharePoint Columns with GUI

You have to determine the internal name of SharePoint columns, when you want to get the values of the items programatically or develop some apps with PowerApps. If you make use of display names of columns, you might not get the values of the columns, that’s why you should use the internal name of the […]

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PNP.PowerShell: How to connect to SharePoint Online with PowerShell

This article describes how to connect to SharePoint Online by using the PowerShell Module PNP.PowerShell Prerequisites An global admin approval for the enterprise app PNP.PowerShell Internet access Installation PNP.PowerShell I recommend using the latest PNP.PowerShell Module to connect to SharePoint Online. PNP stands for Patterns and Practices You can find it here: PnP PowerShell | […]