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Add items to SharePoint Online lists with Powershell

When you want to integrate 3rd party systems to SharePoint, you might need to add items to SharePoint Online lists with PowerShell. In this article, you learn, how to do it for each data type.

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Filtering for SharePoint items with CAML Queries

Most of our times, we just need just a bunch of items, to export them or to change their values. This post should help you to show, how to handle filtering for SharePoint items. Besides filtering for SharePoint items with Where-Object, you can also make use of CAML (Collaborative Application Markup Language), which lets you […]


Determine internal name of SharePoint Columns with GUI

You have to determine the internal name of SharePoint columns, when you want to get the values of the items programatically or develop some apps with PowerApps. If you make use of display names of columns, you might not get the values of the columns, that’s why you should use the internal name of the […]