Womain drawing Site logo change mindmap

SharePoint Site collection Logo: How to change it in 3 comfortable steps

The corporate design covers besides colors and fonts a logo, which is located in the upper left corner of the SharePoint site collection. If you want to automate your SharePoint intranet, you might want, that your corporate design is applied to your SharePoint Sites automatically. Changing SharePoint Site logos can be done in various ways. […]

Smiling woman connecting to SharePoint Online

SharePointOnlinePowerShell: How to connect to SharePoint Online

Besides the possibility to manage your SharePoint Online in the SharePoint admin center, you have the option to do it with PowerShell. For this tasks Microsoft has published the PowerShell module SharePointOnlinePowerShell. It’s focus is more administrative tasks, than process automation. You can e.g. change the SharePoints Tenants policies, but you cannot create list items […]

add webparts to page

How I easily add Webparts to SharePoint Pages by PowerShell

A page consists of multiple webparts. With the webparts you can refer to other lists, libraries and apps within a page. You can add webparts SharePoint Pages manually and programmatically to a page. Adding webparts to single sites, can be done straight forwards in the edit section of the pages. If you want to do […]

Access SharePoitn with Graph

Access SharePoint via Graph API in PowerShell

Learn how to access SharePoint with Graph API with ready to use PowerShell Scripts

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Add-PNPField: Add SharePoint columns with PowerShell

Cheatsheet: Learn how to add SharePoint Columns with PNP PowerShell to automate the creation of your Microsoft lists and libraries. Ensure that your intranet follows your archtecture by automation.