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Dealing with existing SharePoint connections

We all can Imagine the scenario. You create sites in sharepoint and now you want to edit multiple sites afterwards with PowerShell. In order to be safe, we have to check, wether an connection exists and if yes to disconnect the current connection to have a clean processing of the…


Getting FieldValues of Items

Getting all values of all items If you want to retrieve all fieldvalues of an item, you can use following steps. I am getting the opportunities of the sales department Connect to SharePoint Online with PNP. If you don't know how to, check the post. I am connecting with the…


PNP.PowerShell: How to connect to SharePoint Online with PowerShell

This article describes how to connect to SharePoint Online by using the PowerShell Module PNP.PowerShell Prerequisites An global admin approval for the enterprise app PNP.PowerShellInternet access Installation PNP.PowerShell I recommend using the latest PNP.PowerShell Module to connect to SharePoint Online. PNP stands for Patterns and Practices You can find it…