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SharePoint PowerShell add site collection administrator

When you administer the SharePoint, you might need access to all sites. I have provided a collection of PowerShell scripts, so you can access all sites after running a script

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Business Process Automation: How to make customers happy

Business process automation can help you to design a more efficient organization. With business process automation, you can guide your users through your processes, so your users know what to do and when to do it. In this article, I want to show you my key success factors, to make your customers happy. I also […]

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Run PowerShell script | a clear tutorial made for beginners

Every journey starts with the first step. PowerShell is the langauge, when it comes to task and configuration automation. In this article I want to cover a basic: How to start a PowerShell Script.

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SharePoint Downloader | Comfortable file download in 2 steps

In this article, you’ll learn how to download SharePoint files in the GUI and with PowerShell. I also provide my tool, the “SharePoint Downloader” – a ready-to-run script, which you can use to download your SharePoint files.

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How to restore SharePoint files with PowerShell

It is easy to delete SharePoint files by mistake. In this article, I will how you can restore SharePoint files in the GUI and also with PowerShell. You will also learn how to filter on specific deletors, to restore only the SharePoint files, deleted by a specific user. Enclosed there is a ready-to-run script, which you can use to restore your SharePoint files.